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Facebook Like Button plugin for JoomlaType: Plugin & Module | Price: 7.90 € (includes VAT) compat_15_native

Facebook comments for your Joomla site is here! With the plugin you can add the ability to your visitors to comments your artciles with their Facebook Account! With module you can add the same ability to any page/menu you want! Ultimate Facebook Comments supports multiply components intergration like K2,LyftenBloggie etc



Write bellow Label

Number Of comments 

Seo Boost Support! (It renders the comments as html at page's background! )

Comments management,anonymous comments, delete etc.

Custom CSS link (we provide file with all css classes you need)

Reverse Order

Like option above comment system

Many components intergration (See the list below)

Width in Pixels

Exclude Sections & Categories or Specific Articles/Items

Ability to use custom article link (Comment ID) to load specific artilce's comments

Display on (Components' Intergration ):

Joomla Content Article View (com_content)

K2 Items View (com_k2)

LyftenBloggie Entries View (com_lyftenbloggie)

Virtuemart Products Detail Page (com_virtuemart)

Zoo Items (com_zoo)

Quick FAQ Items ((com_quickfaq)  

EventList Detail Layout (com_eventlist)

and Radio/DJ Schedule (soon)



ultimatefacebook comments1314


What you get:

JSDK plugin - Adds Facebook's JSDK libray to work the with FMBL
Ultimate Facebook J! Comments Plugin
Ultimate Facebook J! Comments Module
PDF Documentation (how to install,upgrade, etc)
Support & Updates

(Total 2 plugins + 1 module !!!)


 Price: only 7.90€ (includes VAT)

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1# From User:Lena Mumma Time:07-12-2012 11:45:18
Message:Thanks for the great Ext. 1) Can the comments posted be set up to go to either a persons personal page OR an FB Business Page? 2) I had to put it in a module position because I was unable to get it to work in my K2. How to get help for gettingit to work inside my K2 articles? Thanks!
2# From User:Nawaraj Bhandari Time:24-12-2012 07:28:33
Message:great extension
3# From User:Hakeem IbnFaisal Time:04-01-2013 00:24:19
4# From User:Davor Bramor Pečnik Time:08-01-2013 22:39:42
Message:let me seee ;).
5# From User: Time:24-01-2013 11:36:23
Message:Testing now
6# From User:Stergios Zgouletas Time:04-02-2013 16:23:58
Message:For any questions just contact us or open a pre sale ticket. We don't answer here to any question.
7# From User:Pako Flores Ruíz Time:26-02-2013 17:35:10
8# From User:Gugarq Gugarq Time:01-04-2013 12:42:46
9# From User:Alexander Sica Time:15-07-2013 00:39:47
10# From User:Mauro Mancini Time:16-09-2013 20:39:04
11# From User:Katya Arellano Time:17-09-2013 03:35:58
12# From User:Christian Campos Alvarado Time:23-09-2013 02:54:37
Message:Probando, probando, 1234...
13# From User:Ramiro Tapia Time:05-11-2013 20:51:56
14# From User:Faisal Al Zebdah Time:10-12-2013 19:00:04
15# From User:Mahesh Dare Time:06-12-2013 18:42:32
16# From User:Diógenes Lima Time:13-12-2013 01:48:27
17# From User:Rafael Martins Time:19-12-2013 04:27:30
18# From User:Jan Andie Time:26-12-2013 00:23:24
19# From User:It-Serwis Time:28-12-2013 13:41:47
Message:I want to buy a super supplement only if it works well? test
20# From User:Kim Lindholm Time:28-12-2013 20:33:05
21# From User:Monika Briggs Time:07-01-2014 22:27:29
22# From User:Robert Baran Time:14-01-2014 14:16:07
23# From User:Adam Olejniczak Time:18-01-2014 01:41:06
24# From User:Jorge Avila Time:21-01-2014 03:54:34
25# From User:Nikolas Ksenos Time:26-01-2014 00:46:09

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