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You have registered more than one top-level domains (same domain with different tld) but you don't want each of them domain to be simply parked or to just redirect in the main domain.


Example: (Joomla is installed here, is multi-language site English (default) and Greek)

We would like to use the .com site for .COM and Greek language with .GR ! SEO result will be better for Greek language viewing the site from a GR domain. This is not rule but I suggest it.

So, a Joomla Multi-language default behaivour is to click on the language switcher module and changes the lanagues or

So with the Multi-language Parked Domain Switcher plugin you can convert the links to

 IMPORTANT NOTE: All other domains must be "PARKED" in master hosting account, if you have cPanel is very easy to do it.



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