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We are happy to announce the new version of WHMCS SMS Notify! This version is not the final but is stable. This version have numerous fixes and improvements....! It has auto-upgrade  function if you use the v.1.3.

Next version 1.4.2 will have full support for whmcs 4.4.x




Version 1.4.1 changes

  • Fixed Clickatell gateway
  • Fixed Copy Clients Wizard
  • Fixed Upcoming Thump UP icon
  • Fixed CronJob task license error
  • Fixed Settings checkboxes when are nothing selected
  • Added Phones foreach selected Deparment!
  • Added Mass SMS option to sent to specific clients with ajax search
  • Fixed Auto-Upgrade
  • Minor Fixes


Version 1.4.0 changes

  • Custom Fields (Mobile,Get Notifications) on Order Form
  • ManageSMS.php page synchronization with custom fields
  • Add more actions to sms the admin and Client (ex. password change, admin reply to ticket etc)
  • Code re-wrtten and improved with extenize ability. (you can find the developer pdf at our client area)
  • API for Developers to extend our Software - We targeting to add easily their gateway.
  • Currency keyword added and Triennially cycle too.
  • Select which departments would like to get sms
  • Copy Phone to Wizards changed and re-written.
  • Licensing,ForceSMS and SMS dailyCron Function rewritten and improved
  • Upcoming improved, added icons that indicates the phone/get sms status
  • History log impoved, more details now available
  • Error Handling
  • Added more flexibility to gateways addons (for Devs)
  • Low Credit Balance on Mass SMS and at every day after cron
  • Delete SMS History Log after X days

The new version is tested at WHMCS 4.3.1!

This release works as "Legacy" at 4.4.x version, next version 1.4.2 (next 10-15 days) we will make it native!

Announce: We recognize as official gateways addons the "Bulks-SMS" and "Clickatell". This mean both of them will be updated and maintained by

The other third party addons updated (but for last time), owners of those companies must do it their self.Most of them need better error handling.

The project work have been increase so we can not focus on their gateways addons. We are happy to help, but we can not maintaned by us.

Now with developers api it always be easy to update them!

Current Release contains the following gateways:

  1. Bulk-SMS / (Encoded)
  2. (Encoded)
  3. (Open Source)
  4. (Open Source)
  5. (Open Source)
  6. (Open Source)
  7. send your gateway plugin! Download the Developer Kit !


You can download it from our client area

If you find a bug please contact with us to solve it and include it to final version!


Please fill in the following form to contact us for SALE only questions!

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