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WHMSC Domain Seller ResellerThe WHMCS Domain Seller is an automatic Domain Reseller System that allows the "communication" with two or more WHMCS. Create now your own domain reseller network and increase your orders!

The Domain Seller is an ideal software to start your own reseller network because offers all required features to be something like "set and forget". No more manual order by your partners!

The software works with pre-paid credits, which means an order that comes from "Domain Seller"  to be accepted ,the reseller must have at least on his account the same value of credits with the order's amount and Domain registrar's module auto-runs ( ANY registrar Module like Enom, Greek epp,Reseller Club etc ) , if not the order stays pending as soon as the reseller pays the invoice manually.

Resellers get lower price automatically at every order via DomainSeller with "hidden" promo coupons that are being added to to order automatically or (only at WHMCS v.5.x) with domain Pricing Slab (WHMCS Doamin Pricing groups) . Read all features below...!


Give the ability to your WHMCS partners to Register/Renew/Transfer directly,fast and anonymous their customers domains!

Create unlimited reseller groups

Create unlimited resellers!

Ability to upgrade / downgrade a reseller to a group based on number of active domains

WHOIS service that gives the ability to display the availability of domain names to Reseller's WHMCS!

Domain Registration (with domain owner, the contact details from reseller customer!)

Domain Transfer

Domain Renew

Display Domain Namservers (ns1-ns4)

Save/ Change domain namservers (ns1-ns4)

Display/ send the domain eppcode

Domain Lock (only for com, net, org etc)

Display Contact Details from Owner(Registrant) / Admin / Tech

Change the Contact Details from Owner(Registrant) / Admin / Tech

On domain registration supported the transfer of required additional domain fields to seller's whmcs

Internal Domain Transfer reseller to reseller

E-mail notifications about the order status, low credit balance with your company logo!

Easy installation

Secure (Authentication with IP, DOMAIN , SeckretKey and API access  is allowed only to your server IP)

What DomainSeller Registrar module can do

( functianlity of most features below is depeneding from Seller's registrar module (ENOM, EPPGR etc), this mean the same feature to be supported too)

RegisterTransferRenewRegistrar Lock
Yes Yes Yes Yes
View/Update NameserversUpdate WHOISGet EPP CodeDomain Sync Script
Yes Yes Yes Yes
"Disable Auto Renew" Sync"ID Protect" SyncDomain ReleaseDomain Transfer Sync Script
Yes Yes No yet Yes
DNS Record ManagementEmail ForwardingRegister Nameservers 
Νο Νο No  

This product can be used from WHMCS owners, that are official registrars BUT also from those that are already resellers to a domain company.

Version Compatibility

WHMCS 4.5.x & WHMCS 5.x

Discount Methods:

  • 4.5.x:  with "hidden" automatic promo coupons
  • 5.x: with "hidden" automatic promo coupons or with Domain Pricing Slab ( whmcs clients domain groups )

Files you get

For seller (registar):

  • Files for WHMCS communication Seller - Reseller
  • Whmcs Addon Module to manage the resellers' accounts (screens above)

For Reseller :

  • Domain Registar Module that allows to register,transfer,renew and more with Seller's WHMCS

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Price list

Price: 99 Euro with 1 year free updates!
Software Updates after 1 year : 30 Euro / year (optional)

Prices above includes 23% Tax

(on order fill your VAT ID, and if  EU VALID then you will not charge tax )


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