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This script is used be WHMCS owners, to include on their site AJAX domain search /whois !
Supports ALL tlds types that your WHMCS is selling.


Μodule Parameters:


Works with WHMCS API and JQUERY for AJAX search

Minimum configuartion

Pre-checked tlds supported

Unlimited TLDs

No custom code, just install the module

AJAX search and multiplie TLD checker

Table Pricing (data is fetched directly by the whmcs 4.4.x)

Easy customization by css field or  editing the module joomla file

Domain Check Limit (you can set specific domains that you would like to allow to run the module - whois) (new)



  • Ioncube
  • WHMCS v.4.4.x or greater
  • Joomla 1.5.x/2.5.x/3.x


License is for one WHMCS (domain-ip lock) and Multiple Joomla sites

This mean that your customers/partners can use this module to their joomla sites.

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