WHMCS SMS Notify Pro

The WHMCS SMS Notify is a Addon Module which notifies your customers before the expiry date of domain names or services like hosting... and more! So your business provides an immediate renewal of customers' services & updates your customers as soon as possible.The SMS Notify can send mass SMS and let you know about new orders or new support tickets and other information about your client area....

Key Features:

Send SMS with all services info: Domain,Hosting Packname, Expiry Date, Next Due Date, Recurring amount, Days Left... and more

Ability to choose date format for Expiry Date & Next Due Date

Ability for multiply SMS notification at N days before expire (30,5: 30 days & 5 days before expire)

Ability to send SMS with more than 160 characters (Long SMS)

Ability to send SMS at N hours from CronJob run (Schedule SMS - gateway must support this)

History for sent SMS with SMS Status (DLR) and Cost

 List with sms that is about to send

Wizard tool to copy the phones from default field to custom field

Balance Credits from selected SMS Gateway (s)

Admin Login /Logout - Secure your Admin Page!

Multiple SMS gateways with international code criteria

Multi language SMS patterns!

Ability to enable / disable to receive SMS for each customer

Mass SMS, able to send SMS to all customers with certain message text

Notification for new orders, new support tickets or reply on certain ticket status (Customer-Reply), on invoice paid with many message keywords  for embedding to SMS message information like  Subject, first 100 chars from ticket message,priority, customer name and more!!) 

Force SMS to send sms anytime without waiting the N days before expiry date

Ability to select which Ticket Department would you like to get SM

Ability to set different phones per selected Department

Ability to add ANY gateway provider using HTTP API. We are providing Developer's Guide (Kit)

SMS status update via HTTP Callback feature supported

Configurable Clients SMS Options - Give the ability to your clients to choose in which domains/services will receive SMS  (extra paid feature)

Migration custom field (=drop down) clients data from other script ex. scriptans

  ...and even more features which you can find out from screen-shots! Try out risk free with monthly license


Supported SMS Gateways Providers (53 and counting....)

Intergrated SMS Gateways:

  1. SMSBox.gr (Greece & Worldwide) - Visit
  2. Yuboto.com (Greece & WorldWide) - Visit
  3. SMS.net.gr (Greece & WorldWide) - Visit
  4. Clickatell.com (Worldwide) - Visit
  5. Gretor.eu SMS (World Wide) - Visit
  6. vSMS.net/Bulk-sms.com (WordWide) - Visit
  7. OVH.com (France & Wordwide) - Visit
  8. B2Isms.com (France & Worldwide) - Visit
  9. SSDindia.com (India) - Visit
  10. Mobily.ws (Arabic Countries) - Visit
  11. AlphaElite's Gateway (Singapore) - Visit
  12. Ballou.se (Sweden) - Visit
  13. 852sms.com (China / Hong Kong) - Visit
  14. HQ SMS (World Wide) - Visit
  15. Iwissms (India) - Visit
  16. JoyStem SMS (India (only)) - Visit
  17. mVaayoo (India) - Visit
  18. SmsMV.com (Malvides, India) - Visit
  19. Tlig SMS (Brazil) - Visit
  20. TQPhosting.com (India) - Visit
  21. WebSupporters (India (only)) - Visit
  22. AtomPark.com (Libya)  - Visit 
  23. Zenziva.com (Indonesia) - Visit 
  24. W3Solutions.com (Pakistan) - Visit 
  25. BBNplace.com (Nigeria,Ghana  & Wordwide) - Visit 
  26. Yamamah.com (Saudi Arabia) - Visit 
  27. TraiTel.com.au (Australia & Wordwide) - Visit  
  28. Smsbroadcast.com.au (Australia & Wordwide) - Visit  
  29. Msg91.com (India & Wordwide) - Visit  
  30. Twilio.com (India & Wordwide) - Visit 
  31. roSMS.ro (Romania) - Visit
  32. Netgsm.com.tr (Turkey & Worldwide) - Visit
  33. Usta SMS (Turkey) - Visit (untested)
  34. Iletimerkezi (Turkey & Worldwide) - Visit
  35. Mythofun (Bangladesh) - Visit
  36. SMS-gates (Arabic) - Visit
  37. SmsRoaming (Pakistan & Worldwide) - Visit
  38. KalKun API Integrated - Visit
  39. PlaySMS API Integrated - Visit
  40. MoceanSMS.com (Malysia & Worldwide) - Visit
  41. Nexmo.com (UK & Worldwide) - Visit
  42. 4Jawaly.net (Saudi Arabia) - Visit
  43. ThSMS.com (Thailand) - Visit
  44. Ιntellisms.com.au (Australia, New Zealand, US and the Philippines) - Visit
  45. Africastalking.com (Africa & Worldwide) - Visit
  46. TextMagic.com (UK & Worldwide) - Visit
  47. TextLocal.com (UK & Worldwide) - Visit
  48. Way2msg.co.in ( India & Worldwide) - Visit
  49. SmsAchor.net (Pakistan & Wordwide) - Visit
  50. SendPK.com (Pakistan & Wordwide) - Visit
  51. Lifetimesms.com (Pakistan & Wordwide) - Visit
  52. iSMS.com.my (Malaysia & Southeast Asia) - Visit
  53. create and send your gateway addon (first download the Developer Kit)

Migration from other SMS Addons!

We care about your clients data, and we promise you will continue using the TextBox Mobile Custom Field and for Get SMS Status Notifications (recieve or not), there is no problem if you are using DropDown box, we have created migration wizard to copy your clients' options from DropDown Box to Tickbox GetSMS Field! Switch SMS Addon, use our professional solution & support!



WHMCS v5.x or newer

PHP Version 5.2 or newer

MySQL Version 5.0.91 or newer

Ioncube Loaders

PHP CURL enabled


Versions History with all changes - Click here

Try it out risk free with 15 days FREE trial!!! 

Price & Technical Support & License

Monthly Lease Quarterly Semi-Annual One-Time Owned
3,20 (incl. VAT)
9,00 (incl. VAT)
17,00 € (incl. VAT)
  44.90 € (incl. VAT)

Support & Updates - Free for 1 year - 7.90 Euro (incl. VAT )/ 1 year (optional)

License is generated for one install/use (domain-ip-directory) like WHMCS software

We provide Developer Kit with example gateway addon

 English Manual

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