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Virtuemart 2.x/3.x Checkout Methods Disabler

  • Joomla Version: 2.5 3.x
  • Extension: Plugin
  • Type: Commercial
  • Price (without Tax): 30
  • License: GPL License v2+

This plugin creates rules based on selected Shipping Method and disables the Payment methods. It based on Javascript (Jquery) and works only only with one page checkout layout.


Example 1: if client clicks on "I will pick the products from store" then the payment method c.o.d ( Pay on Delivery) should be disabled.

Example 2: if client clicks on "UPS Delivery" then the payment method "Pay on Store" should be disabled.


Can be multi-disabled the payment methods.

This plugin works with AJAX One Page Checkout.
We support almost all one page checkout extensions for virtuemart like (VM Default, VP One Page Checkout, VM One Page Checkout, Rupstel One Page Checkout).
If you use differrent system we are happy to test it for you.




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