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WHMCS Domain Parking

The "Domain Parking" addon automatically parks any domain order (that has no hosting account or the default nameservers) in your cPANEL server!

With domain parking service your clients have the ability to inform their visitors that the domain is parked or under construction


Supported Features

Automatic parking on after successfull domain Register / Transfer and automatic nameservers change!

Manual parking / unparking client area button in Domain Details page.

Manage (Add/Remove) URL redirect of parked domain

CronJob: detects nameservers changes or domain expiry and auto-unpark them

Client E-mail Notification upon domain parking / unparking

 Works with any type of company small (1 Server/VPS/Reseller) or big (many servers)

Works with any registrar

No hard configuration, 5-10 min installation. Documentation included


Coming Soon: DirectAdmin 


  • WHM/Cpanel 11+
  • WHMCS 5.x - 6.x - 7.x

You have to have access in WHM panel to be able to add a new DNS Zone.

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