Super Contact Form

  • Joomla Version: 3.x
  • Extension: Language Module
  • Type: Commercial
  • Price (without Tax): 18
  • License: GPL License v2+

Super Contact Form module for Joomla it's a powerful and ligtweight tool that generates contact forms using modern technologies like AJAX / JQUERY / HTML5  /BOOTSTRAP

You can build any type of form with drop downs, file attachments, date fields and more. Layout is based on Bootstrap and it's responsive!

Great features supported

Email send via AJAX

Multiple forms on same page

Unlimited fields

Easy grid arrangment based on bootstrap (column 6: 50% width)

Don't ever worry about aligment, you can spilt a row to 12 columns. Nice forms (thanks to bootstrap)!

  All common field types (email,text,textarea,select,radio,checkbox,file,date,captcha,number,color etc)

ReCaptcha Support

GDPR privacy field support

Responsive - Mobile friendly

Overridable layouts, you can change ANYTHING

Extensible - Developer friendly with many plugin events to build amazing forms!

Small CSS and JS files.

We use id and classes to any HTML element, so you can easily make changes with simple css rules

File attachments (you can limit file extensions and size)

Subject prefix

AJAX Admin Layout (Re-ordering/editing)

Javascript fields validation. You can set min chars or max chars or both limits per field

Set as required or optional any field

Set as subject or email or name any field

Multilanguage support (field title/placeholder/errors)!

Google Map on top (iframe)

Compatible with

  • Joomla: 3.2.x or greater
  • PHP 5.6 or greater
Rated 5/5 based on 20 customer reviews

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