VM Cart Auto Save

  • Joomla Version: 3.x
  • Extension: Plugin Language Component
  • Type: Commercial
  • Price (without Tax): 49
  • License: GPL License v2+

Virtuemart Cart Auto Save is complete software designed to:

  • make it easy for your website visitors to recall their shopping cart automatically when they come back
  • to help you increase your product sales from orders that ase abandoned (not completed orders).

The problem

A common problem in e-shops is that customers are abandoned the cart, without completing their order. As a result, when the browser closes, the contents of the cart are lost. This can happen intentionally, unintentionally or due to a technical problem (early session expires).

The solution, the smart cart

The Virtuemart Cart Auto Save software offers solution to that problem. The software stores the user's cart and recall it when the customer revisits the website. As a result, it saves for the customer time, effort and re-comparing products, and for the e-shop owners sales earning from previous «abandoned cart».
The Joomla Component can store the cart for both registered and guests customers. For registered customers the cart remains stored and not lost until the selected products have been sold out.

For unregistered customers, the application can help in the following ways:

  • In case the customer has given consent (became aware of the GDPR), cookies can be placed for a certain period of time, recalling the cart in every visit. The same can happen if GDPR option is set off.
  • In the case of activated GDPR mode and when a customer has not given consent for cookies placement, the recall of right cart is done by an encrypted unique key of combination (IP + Browser User Agent). As this parameter is not reliable in the long term, the user can control through settings the time period during this criterion is considered to be reliable.

The capabilities of the "smart cart" are not end here. The software manages to displays an easy-to-use pop-up modal immediately after "adding to the cart", or automatically after a few seconds, prompting your customer to enter their details (e-mail, name, consent). If the customer's details are filled in then, after X minutes / hours / days you can send an informative e-mail reminding the forgotten products in the cart and asking if he faced any problem during the ordering process, urging him to call the company so as not to leave the sale be lost.

If, there is no action on the part of the customer after X minutes / hours / days you can send a second informative e-mail with an automatic discount (eg -10%). The discount coupon is created automatically for each customer with a certain expiration date.  Customers receive discounted price automatically as soon as the click on the e-mail. Coupons are time limited.


 Stores the cartfor registered and guest

 Automatic cart recall after visit

 Automatic coupon generation per client (percentage or fixed price)

 Limited time of coupons

 Compatible with GDPR

 Window - Modal PopUP to subscribe with email

 Unlimited emails template

 Automatic email sending via Cron Job

 Automatic deletion of coupons after their expiration

 Automatic tracking e-mail

 View e-mail in browser & Unsubscribe in e-mail


 Override e-mail & pop modal templates or create custom

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