We are committed to respect and protect the privacy of our clients and of the visitors of our e-shop.

The 3 basic principles regarding the privacy policy of our company are the following:

  • We only collect the information that we will need. We will not ask for information that is no related to our services.
  • We only share the information that we need to share. We will never share your private information, unless we have your permission or unless we are committed by some legal procedure.
  • We ensure you that we keep the private information... private, with every possible way (access restrictions for unauthorized users to our systems, use of safety certificates, etc.


In detail

The management and protection of private information of visitors/users of Web-expert.gr services are under the terms and conditions of the present section as well as the relative restrictions based on International and E.U. laws. The present terms are formulated having taken into account the rapid development of technology and specifically the Internet as well as the existing (although not fully developed) set of legal regulations concerning these issues. In this framework, whichever possible relevant regulation will constitute an item of the present section.

In every case Web-expert.gr preserves the right to alter the terms of protection of private information after informing the visitors/users and in the existing or possible legal framework. If some visitor/user does not agree with the terms of protection of private information that are provided in the present section, they should not use the services of Web-expert.gr.


The private information that Web-expert.gr collects are the following:

  • Private data: Every visitor can surf the Web-expert.gr e-shop without giving any private information. We will only need private data (e-mail, username and password) when you proceed to order services or products. Along with the above, we will need some more information that concern service purchasing. The necessary information for every transaction are your full name, address (road, number, city, postal code) and type of voucher (receipt, invoice). Also, its optional to fill out some information like phone number, in case we need to immediately contact you and to receive SMS for the state of your services (renewal/bills).
  • Invoice data: In case you ask for an invoice we also need the name of the company and ITS VAT ID.

External Links:

Web-expert.gr includes links to other websites, providing extra information to visitors, which are not checked personally, but by third bodies (natural persons/entities). Under no circumstances does Web-expert.gr bear liability for the Terms of Protection of Private Information that they have set.

IP Addresses

The IP address through which the computer has access to the Internet and then to Web-expert.gr is only used for collecting statistics and for the security of the transactions.


In order to be able to offer personalized service, most big companies use alphabetical recognition files, called cookies. Cookies can be permanent or session. Permanent cookies stay in your hard disk drive and after you have finished your visit, they memorize a large variety of data which are used for the next visit. Session cookies are only used to recognize that you enter the site so that you do not need to give your password in every page that includes data transaction. They are deleted right after you leave the site.

General terms for the protection of private information

Web Expert Services LTD can ensure you that your personal information will remain safe and does not have the right to transfer it to any third body (natural person/entity) for any reason, except for the responsible authorities and according to the law. Web Expert Services LTD keeps files with private information which the visitor/user sends only for communicative, economic and fiscal reasons.
The visitor/user can contact Web-expert.gr in order to check their personal file, revise it or delete it. Web-expert.gr may process part of or all of the information you have sent for statistic or economic reasons or to develop its services/data.
During your visit in the pages of Web-expert.gr and in order to order services and also to ensure that we can contact you to inform you about new products and services, it is possible that you may be asked to give personal data (name, profession, e-mail, etc). The data you may give anywhere in tha pages and the services of Web-expert.gr are only intended for the safeguard of the respective service and are not to be used by any third body, without following the Greek law about the protection or private information from processing.

The Web Expert Services LTD online shop runs according to the existing legislation and keeps your private information safely for as long as you are registered in some service of Web-expert.gr. It is deleted after any kind of close of the transactional contact. The private information which you will give to Web-expert.gr online shop are only used by the company, EETT and ITE, or collaborative companies and services (e.g. domain whois) with the aim to support, promote and perform the transactional contact. Specifically, for domain registrations .com, .eu, .info, .org etc, the domain owner's data are shared with whois service via our associates who manage the domain names. After a client's request and the activation of IdProtect service, that data may be concealed from the whois services.

Facts of the private information file are shared with the responsible judicial, police and other administrative authorities after a legal request and according to the existing legislation. The client, in the limits of legislation for the privacy of telecommunication, has the right to be informed and to object according to the Greek law.

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